Embodied Retreat June 2022

And we set off toward embodiment. No easy feat at all. A week to journey and call our spirits home. The energy felt supportive, testing, joyful, revealing, insightful, liberating and of course so much more.…

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Bali Retreat 2017

baliretreatblogclairelizaed - 1.jpg

Staying within the boutique retreat centre of “Naya” situated just outside of Ubud our February retreat offered an immersion into self care & personal development. Exclusive use of the retreat centre enabled our group to…

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Holy Hekate


The garlic begins to be pulled from the ground. A horticultural crop traced back thousands of years and long revered for its healing and protection properties. Tugging on the decaying stems so as to gently…

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“Soul Sessions”


Introducing my new “soul sessions” a one on one experience incorporating reflection, medition, and spiritual guidance in an uplifting and inspiring way. Details here on the website.      

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Winters Harvest


August has arrived and I am just about spent with winter, which may come as no surprise to those who know my sun loving ways. The best growth through the winter months goes to the…

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