Colour Healing

Evidence of colour healing can be found in Ancient Indian, Egyptian, Chinese and Greek civilisations who all worshipped the sun in their own individual and meaningful ways, as the source of all colour the sun was highly revered. As Albert Einstein would later say,” all forms of matter are really light waves in motion.”

Observing the colours of fruits, vegetables and grains grown and harvested in your local environment is a great place to start with colour healing. Practicing mindfulness as you harvest, prepare and eat these foods can be a soulful experience and by trusting in your (and natures) innate ability to provide you with the colours that are just right for an energy and vibrational healing you can get much more than the high nutritional and mineral content present in fresh foods.

I see divine structure at play with the colour green prevalent across all seasons. Green is said to balance and strengthen the heart centre and it has been said that the lesson of love needs to be learnt in order to cross greens bridge. For now I am imbibing the energies present in the brilliant yellows and oranges that are taking centre place in my fruit bowl and fridge,(boosting immunity, aiding concentration) the perfect lift to the late winter chills and of course I am always smiling at the hints of purple, (the spiritual ray) sneaking out from the brilliant green.

I took the photograph above at a local food swap table in Seymour in celebration of fair food week. The table was awash with yellow, orange and green all donated from local gardens. This reminded me that whilst we resonate with colours specific to us as individuals, nature in her natural seasons is also presenting to us as part of a group consciousness.



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