Eclipse journey FNQ

We crept out under a waning crescent moon. The soon to be rising sun of Remembrance Day was on our way to us and there was much to remember, like on that day in 1999 when my grandfather who had just passed from this world came to send me home to Australia. There are no borders and boundaries to cross through these moments of time and this trip held all the omens of yet another opening to the mysterious and mythical realms.

With the sun and moon our guiding symbols a celestial meeting was looming. Not unlike the effortless flow of the cornucopia a total solar eclipse was gifting its wisdom to us. Guided by the impending energy of this eclipse, it felt for me like a time of many returns.

We had the fortune of settling into beautiful FNQ from the picturesque surrounds of Mount Molloy. The last time I visited here it was 1997 and I was almost twenty-one. Here I was again with the same loving kindness surrounding me, only this time there was a husband and children to introduce and share the beauty with.

Reflecting on this I picked a significant date at that time so as to measure the astrology with this visit for the eclipse and was wrapped to see the moon sitting at the exact same degree on both dates, (why I love astrology) transiting my ninth house, house of the higher mind, expanding horizons and travel. Just as a diamond spark erupted from behind the dark of the moon early on the 14th of November 2012 so here glistened the diamond wisdom to my journey.

After the breathtaking view of the eclipse we headed out of town winding above the savannah, towards Palmer River Roadhouse where a festival had been in full swing for several days. It was a privilege to participate in this gathering shared with familiar faces and the many international eclipse chasers that had travelled such long distances for the occasion. The beauty and the spectacle will stay with me for many moons to come. 

Thankyou total solar eclipse FNQ 2012 you truly were one of those times in life that alter you in such inextricable ways. Most importantly this time provided an opportunity for our family to reconnect and recharge on what was an incredible holiday. Until next time…

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