Eclipse Musings

I have wanted to share some eclipse meanderings and it seemed fitting that I start at the beginning of my journey of remembrance.

Whilst putting words to experiences that change your life forever can sometimes be difficult, it is an energy that I passionately enjoy musing over.

Some years ago a Solar Eclipse and I crossed paths and during this time I witnessed a portal opening that I may once of only dreamed about in a mythical encounter. The symbolism and energy pouring out of our vast and brilliant sky is of great blessing to us and there is plenty to meditate and align with right now. (As well as a stack of informative and educated info for people that want to learn more).

For those of us in the Southern Hemisphere we welcome the first days of winter with a sky full of opportunity and learning. A time to go within, reviving and renewing our creative life force, finding themes unique to us as individuals and merging them with our collective.

4th June Neptune Retrogade until 11th November (Solar Eclipse on the 14th November)
4th June Full Moon Eclipse
6th June Venus Occult the Sun (Eclipse)

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