Matcha smoothie recipe

The health benefits of matcha are well accounted for and there is plenty of information on the internet, so if you are not yet familiar with matcha I recommend getting acquainted. Japanese monks were the first to adopt matcha over 800 years ago, with a ritualised practice of brewing the tea to assist in their meditation practice. In the 13th century Samurai warriors introduced matcha as a means of improving meditation practices and to increase physical endurance and energy during battles.

As well as brewing this finely ground green tea I love starting my day with this smoothie recipe, I have this within an hour of my morning workout. If I can find some sort of a balance between harnessing the wisdom of a warrior and a monk I will be most content.


Matcha Smoothie

1 teaspoon organic ceremonial grade matcha powder 

1/2 frozen banana couple of pieces of sweet frozen pineapple

180Ml cocounut cream (cocounut milk or water is fine)

fresh mint (chocolate mint is even better)

handful of fresh spinach.

Blend together and enjoy ( may need extra water if made with cocounut cream)



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