Measuring Growth

There are a myriad of signposts that measure growth around me, such as the group of native trees on our front fence line, our first plantings to the exposed paddocks. I can recall planting these out as it was done in the week following my Nanas funeral, time has passed from then and the trees now provide a fantastic screen from the road and have since moved on from the scrutiny of my “are they growing” eyes.

Looking out my front door this week I was observing three olive trees, planted three years ago about two weeks from now. I caught my thoughts, “are they growing, how much growth can I see?” Perhaps the thoughts were more about my own growth, how much  had I grown in that time & just how do we go about measuring something so intangible. I can point to the exact time I planted those olive trees (and a couple of peppercorns too) as we picked them up at a market the weekend I returned from a pilgrimage in Ireland. After putting some intensive energy into raising a family, a farm and a home for us to grow amongst, it was time to spread my own wings and broaden my own spiritual growth and development. I was at the time seeding dreams for a future pattern in my life and whilst the energy was pouring into the inner work it was something that was yet to manifest in the outside world. I was on a path to something more.

Three years on, a number perfectly fitting given the trine our banner flies with, I write here on this full moon today. A moon referred to as the harvest moon. The Spring Equinox will follow on Sunday, a potent time to honour and give thanks to the sun and the light that is being shed on our lives right now.

Best wishes for everyone during this electric time of intense change, there is ancient magic in the skies right now, perfect for ritual big or small. May your harvest be as rich and rewarding as the moon is bright in the sky tonight, with the warmth of the Equinox sun to follow. Good luck, go bright.

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