Pt Lonsdale Cemetery

Reflecting on a dream my thoughts had drifted to the Point Lonsdale Cemetery. Embedded into the landscape and the psyche of a seaside town, it is as iconic as the Light House or the rock pools at low tide.

The cemetery is beautiful, with it’s white wooden posts and wired fence. The earth rises gently and from the top of the rise you have an overview of the towns more recent sorrows, with a sea breeze and gentle calm we may even hear a whisper told.

Historical recordings offer a glimpse into the stories of some of those older gravestones, journeys long passed and not lost to the winds of time. A friend of mine has recently searched and found the gravestone for the local Suffragette Henrietta Dugdale buried at the cemetery in 1918.

 As a young girl I was quite transfixed by the entrance to the cemetery and the lovely bench seat that sat just to the left of it, I do not recall it being a busy seat to be sat upon, although I do remember the feeling that this seat was reserved for somebody, somehow.

As an adult I have enjoyed taking the time to explore old cemeteries during my travels. Landmarks that have throughout history gone hand in hand with inspiring and precious natural landscapes, imbuing an energy that reaches deep into my soul.

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