Pumpkin dreaming. Mezza Luna & the golden sun equalised

Initially this dish for our Spring Equinox celebration was going to be prepared using fresh beets, but the size of the beets in the garden saw us reassess our vegetable choice. Last summers pumpkin harvest has stored well and the flavour is so sweet and texture wonderful, it turned out to be a perfect choice. The half moon theme is manifesting itself in our dishes nicely and now the colour of the golden sunlight has surprised and reminded us that the sun is indeed returning to our lives.

I have written about the food here being grown and prepared with love and intention and this photo epitomises that promise with more, the magical ingredient, that is friendship. Community brings life and meaning to the food we nurture, it is the hidden ingredient that people wonder about when enjoying something truly wonderful.

The use of the pumpkin this week seems so symbolic and it mirrors the intuitive importance of themes enveloping my consciousness right now, history and conservation. Naturally, within the golden pumpkin are the seeds of promise for this coming summers goodness and it really feels that the flavour of the future harvest is indeed going to be a new one, yum. 

Photo by Cynthia Lim

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