“The How”

Our first small fire for the season, outdoors of course as there is no lighting of the house fires until at least May.(not yet. I am not ready, just yet…) The best food after a summer of salads and barbeques has to be found within a camp oven. Short of having an 18th Century italian fire to cook over, preparing food over coals with a camp oven produces the best tasting food, or… (strike me down with lightning) tucker!!!

This pot has been stuffed with herbs, garlic, onions, carrots and pumpkin, all from our garden and after running up the hill to our neighbours place, some lamb from their fields as well.

My favourite camp oven dish would have to be a baked apple dish that Jono put together and one that we will be doing a version of soon. It is a dish that can be kept in the fridge for later, reminiscent of a Middle Eastern fruit salad. 

Next time i’ll remember to take another photo before the contents of the pot disappears.

P.S The awesome grate in the photo was made and welded together by Jono!

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