What is your Why?

There are likely many times that you and I find ourselves asking why? Why am I doing this? How often though do we really stop to sit deeply into the question, full presence to the revelations that follow and then do the gutsy follow up of aligning our outer world with our inner findings.

Also this, how often do we ask ourselves why, as though it is  a question we never really intended on answering. Appearing and then disappearing amidst a smokescreen of excuses. Why? Sometimes it’s a story line we create or an absent mind that moves us on, keeping us safe from a truth we are quite possibly too scared to know. We might tell ourself we could never really reach and then align ourselves to our insight anyway. We might think we have our why covered only to dive in and see we actually don’t.

We might just be crazy to live this way.

I’ve been asking why? A lot! I have been asking why….in particular and very specifically about my job as a yoga teacher (if that is even what it is I really do) and so, my avid love for exploring all things movement led me to Jennifer Crescenzo and then I read her blog entry entitled Tell the Truth here was so much of what I had been trying to articulate on my own but was coming up short on, I felt like I had been gifted an opportunity to grow, I was ready for the questions and perhaps most importantly I was ready to listen very carefully to the subtle nuances in my answers in my stories in my words and in my body. All of it, ready for it all.

Following on from our first group meeting I reflected back on my initial why for becoming a yoga teacher. My why was not what you might expect from me and truth is after 4 years of teaching yoga I am not really in the pocket of the why. Many times I have asked, do I hold or do I fold? I’m holding but with some very firm boundaries to meet. I am accountable to it all and I am going to dive deeper and get closer to the edge, to merge with my truth. It feels scary and exciting and like hard work all at the same time. I am open to the outcome in whatever way it presents itself.

So….. What does this have to do with YOU and your why? Well, you don’t need to be a yoga teacher for this to be applicable to you. Our why’s can be many, jobs, relationships, behaviours, patterns, and of course, your reason for turning up on the mat to practice yoga. What is that? Go inward, find or remember your why(s), they are your significators, important and real. You why(s) may just gift you the qualities of the wise, experience, knowledge and good judgement.

Those of you who have attended some of my classes over the last week will have heard me ask you to consider your why, in particular last Saturday morning I asked the class to consider why you turn up to practice yoga, perhaps revisiting realigning & reconsidering the why. Opportunity is there, everywhere to know the why of any aspect of your life a fascinating concept made real by our actions in this life.

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  1. Pauline Taylor on 24 Aug 2019 at 7:53 pm

    My why is easy. Yoga is the answer to all of my exercise needs. It gives me flexibility, strength, encouragement and goals. I find your teaching methods just what I need, Melissa, because you are accepting of differing abilities, which can vary from week to week for me. Yoga gives me focus as well as the chance for inner reflection. I am someone who doesn’t always practice yoga on a very regular basis, but I just love any classes I can get to do. Thank you.

    • Becoming Yoga on 27 Aug 2019 at 12:18 pm

      thanks Pauline, I appreciate your words and insight and thanks for commenting also.

  2. Michelle Boyd on 24 Aug 2019 at 9:13 pm

    Hmmmmmm WHY😊. I am privileged to have met you Melissa, as you started me on a journey. You have inspired me to search for answers to my many, many WHY’S 😊❤.
    I do know one thing, yoga is good for my soul and although I may not look like the opinomy of of a fit yoga body, I love it😊❤.

    • Becoming Yoga on 27 Aug 2019 at 12:28 pm

      Thanks Michelle, love it all. You just asked another great why, why do we associate a yogi by the shape and appearance of their bodies and the clothes they are wearing, fortunately more people are asking these sorts of questions all the time. And thank you

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