Winters Harvest

August has arrived and I am just about spent with winter, which may come as no surprise to those who know my sun loving ways.

The best growth through the winter months goes to the vegetable garden as everything develops with such ease and certainty and I have much gratitude for that. Last week I was dragged out to collect wood and tidy up a fallen tree, it was great fun and the children even forgot about fighting with one another and played peacefully in the trees around them. I was happy to be present in the moment, as soon that task will be put away for another season.

We can begin to see and feel the coming change around us. At home wattles are beginning to flower and deciduous trees are blossoming, I can also sense that shift within. Whilst I have a few preserves I want to finish off I am certainly ready for the new season and the unfolding of the new bloom. So let’s bottle up the metaphorical treasures gleaned as soon we begin our journey between worlds, pausing first to honour the void.

Over the coming days I am heading out into the winters sunshine our newest garden space is revealing its energy, growth is all around. Take the time to honour its presence in your world, as wow, this full moon (exact tomorrow) feels like such a great precursor for the soon to be rising spring horizon. 

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