Foundations Yoga Program


Monday’s 14th October-18th November 2019



A Foundations environment ensures all participants can feel relaxed and enjoy the benefits of yoga whilst developing their practice in a tailored class alongside others who may have had no previous experience or knowledge of yoga or are wishing to revisit their yoga practice.

The course covers the foundations of asana practice, including familiarising you with the various styles of yoga asana. We cover Yin, Restorative & Vinyasa yoga as well as pranayama (breath) & the philosophy & origins of this ancient and beautiful practice. We will also look at yoga from a modern day science based window to further understand our unique body types and how this can influence and shape our practice, this includes range of motion and skeletal variation. This six week block will be held at Melissa’s private shala in Seymour. (Shala is a sanskrit word for a gathering space for students of yoga) “a place of yoga.”

Please note there is a week break on the 4th November (Melbourne Cup Weekend).



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