Embracing a wholehearted and holistic lifestyle that brings personal growth to the forefront is the best gift I have given to myself. I am here now witnessing many others feel inspired and empowered to be their best in being beautifully human.

I initially qualified as a yoga teacher having completed the 350 hour Advanced Diploma in Yoga teacher training with the Australian Yoga Academy. I have gone on to continue my study in many areas completing many hours of training certificates in advanced teacher trainings, these certificates have included Vinyasa Teaching (25 hours) & Yin Yoga teacher training (50 hours) among many others. Most recently I have completed a nectar of yoga nidra training (25 hours). I have been practicing and teaching meditation and mindfulness for many years. To breathe well and to be present in the moment with an aligned mindset is invaluable in life.

I believe in our capacity to heal from the heart and the soul, a path of deep remembering of who we really are, our potential and possibility in life. To assist in translating this energy work I use Reiki, an energetic healing modality. I love using astrology in my work and will offer insight based on your chart. I am also a self taught tarot card reader, I don’t believe in reading or predicting futures I do interpret signposts that reveal rewarding opportunities.

I am a mother to four children, a nature lover, anatomy nerd and what you might call a witch. I have an appreciation of many diverse movement practices and modalities and exploring movement in many forms is a passion of mine. I also love engaging with people, (yes you)! Watching the practice of yoga evolve with us from the mat and into the fabric of our lives is just incredible.

When we are still in our minds a whole galaxy awakens and the possibilities are endless…