Embracing a wholehearted and holistic lifestyle that brings personal growth to the forefront is the best gift I have given to myself. I am privileged that on a daily basis my work allows me to live by and share, with others this philosophy of living. My core values are authenticity, curiosity and openness to change. Living an inspired and empowered life is worth the work it takes to get there. It is imperative that we can truly embrace and express who we truly are, beautifully human, perfectly imperfect. Let’s move mindfully through this life, it is a feel good charm.

My formal qualifications as a yoga teacher began when I completed a 350 hour Advanced Diploma in Yoga teacher training with the Australian Yoga Academy. I have gone on to continue my study in many areas completing hundreds of hours of training certificates and continuing educations and learnings. These certificates have included Vinyasa Teaching (25 hrs, Jenni Morrison).  Yin Yoga teacher training (50 hours, Dr Karina Smith). Advanced teacher Training (50 hrs, Joan Hyman). Nectar of Yoga Nidra course (Kaya Mandalin). Mentoring (Jennifer Crescenzo). Yin & Myofacial Release (current) 60 hrs Jo Phee).

I have been practicing and teaching meditation and mindfulness for many years and my physical yoga practice is further informed by my diverse movement practice outside of my yoga practice. My yoga teaching philosophy is a gift from Patanjali’s  8 limbs of yoga. Whist i have personally not had the opportunity (as yet) to live in a cave or immerse myself for months at a time in an ashram in India I work to keep my yoga practice as a respectful honouring of its ancient Hindu offerings whilst remaining true to my own spiritual ideals and ancestry. Many of us in the west are surprised to realise that yoga is far more than a physical practice as yoga asana is only one of the eight limbs of yoga.  Come along and embrace and enjoy it all.

I would say I am an organic, it sums up my life pretty well. I am a wife, mother to four (adult or nearly adult) children. I love travel, dancing, nature, exploring and learning anatomy (in particular fascia). I am what you might call a witch as I love tarot cards, intuition and all things magical, however these mystical elements are a part of my life that I rarely study or work on, they are simply within me, innately natural. I have an appreciation for many diverse movement practices and modalities and exploring movement in many forms is a passion of mine.I love ocean swimming, the gym & very early morning runs in the dark. I also love engaging with people, (yes you)! Watching the practice of yoga evolve with us from the mat and into the fabric of our lives is just incredible.

When we are still in our minds a whole galaxy awakens and the possibilities are endless…