Intuitive & Aligned Retreat


More than a yoga retreat. A beautiful & fulfilling program centred around our retreat theme of intuitive & Aligned. The anchor of our retreat experience. Yes, we will stay at amazing venues with beautiful food and vistas but it is the program that provides us opportunity to truly grow & develop our personal self. Getting to the core of our very being, growing our self esteem & settling the mind to naturally expand our intuition and self alignment. This year we travel within to uncover, honour & use these treasures . We bring these incredible assets to the forefront of our selves and our lives.

Within this sacred space you will also rest, dream & be treated lovingly & with care in many ways. Joy, friendship & genuine women alongside you. Supporting one another along the way as we each individually & collectively deepen into Intuitive Alignment.


Victorian Coastal Retreat 4 days/3 nights

A selection of dates across the seasons for these enriching experiences.

New doorways opening

 Check back over 2024