Soul Sessions

Monthly Meditation

An inclusive space for you to delve into the beauty of soul and self awareness with the gifts of meditation, pranayama, guided awareness practices and collective community.

Each month is unique and responsive to the energies present. We may explore a different pranayama or breathing technique and be guided through a meditation or inner journey. Sometimes we will replenish with a guided awareness practice toward yoga nidra (yogic sleep). There is usually a great conversational space a collective gathering and exchange of ideas and expression. All insights and expressions are welcome to be shared or to simply witness.

You can naturally develop what you find within this practice to support you to sustain a meditation & soul practice outside of this group space. Oracle cards always available to explore at the end of our time together.

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Art of an Oracle Workshop

  • Uncover hidden symbols & explore common collective archetypes.
  • Lean in to trust and act from your intuitive self.
  • Gather practical tools to read and interpret oracle cards.
  • Workshop and put into place what you have uncovered.
  • Intuitive one card tarot reading.
  • Afternoon tea & chai provided.

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Reset Soul Sessions

Ready for a reset? Inner compass spinning round? Let me take you on 3 hour journey created just for you.

  • Astrology chart reading  & print out to take home (requires time of birth)
  • Tarot reading
  • Reiki & energetic healing
  • Guided Meditation

We are the truth keepers of our own life but sometimes having an empowerment agent onside holding the light whilst we adjust our eyes to our new vision can speed up the self development process. Essentially I’ll act as a sound board and intuitively interpret your souls calling and translate it back to you in an easy to read format. This 2 hour soul session is a reset like no other and includes:

*Astrology interpretation and print out to take home of your sun, moon & rising sign chart reading

*Energetic Healing

*Tarot card reading

*Guided Meditation

(I am available in Seymour & Point Lonsdale and via Skype)

An invaluable 2 hour reset Soul Session with the above listed inclusions AND you will take home a prepared astrological chart reading  Contact me today to check for the next available date.


Rest & Replenish

  • Relaxation & Stress Relief
  • Increase energy flow & joy
  • Improve Sleep
  • Replenish physical & energetic self

Beginning with an energetic healing, we will ascertain what is most comfortable for you and you will be able to lay on your back on a meditation table or be seated, I will gently rest the palms of my hands at various points of the body, particularly the head, neck, shoulders, chest, belly, back & feet (at times my hands may not even contact your physical body). This healing session will take around 30 minutes. Following on from this I will elevate your legs and support you to find a place that is deeply restful and then guide you through an awareness practice that is very simple and complete, you may be awake or drift off to sleep and whatever your experience of the time is perfect for you as you will receive from the experience exactly what is needed for you at the time so that you can return to your life replenished & relaxed.

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