Elevation 18 Lombok was amazing. Melissa's retreats are for anyone that wants to reconnect & believe in the adventure of life again. Always open honest passionate and caring. She will steal you away for only a moment to let you see you true potential in life and maybe even make you see that when you back yourself fully in the moment anything is possible.If anyone is looking for a moment in time to replenish the soul I can tell you that this retreat met all my needs.

Elevation '18 Retreat Lombok 2018

Last Thursday I started a journey. I knew of one destination but the rest were to unfold over the week. As I (we) crisscrossed Lombok on an amazing adventure, I learnt more about my physical and psychological strength then I thought possible. Melissa Parker you created an amazing, challenging, nurturing, loving and supportive environment. Even in our darkest and brightest moments there were arms that held us, words that were spoken and love that was given without judgement. To all the ladies I shared this amazing adventure with - Terima kasih - we did it.

Elevation '18 Retreat Lombok 2018

Thank you so much Melissa, you would not believe the change in me from how I struggled to handle stress. Through yoga and meditation I have been able to relax, cope and see purpose in so many things in positive ways. You have facilitated this and are such an inspiration to me. I have said many times. Why didn't I find this earlier, but better late than never.

Monday night meditation is such a lovely way to start the week. It makes me feel grounded, calm, happy and energised at the same time. By regularly ``tuning in`` I have been able to create more balance and harmony in my every day life and increase my wellbeing on so many levels.


Thank you Melissa, my soul session in the teepee was insightful, inspiring and just what I needed and your vegan treats delicious. Thank you again for your wisdom and guidance you have a real gift that I am sure others will benefit from also.

KD Melbourne

The holiday might be over but the journey has begun, i've found a strength and a calm to continue facing lifes challenges, to grow and become a better person.

Heart Wisdom Retreat, Ubud 2017

Thank you for one of the most exraordinarily beautiful yoga experiences. I felt so incredibly fortunate to have an hour of tailored one-on-one yoga time beneath the flowering, towering gum tree. A considered and greatly healing, tailor made yoga sequence that will vastly improve my lower back restrictions. Thank you Melissa you are truly magical, one hour felt like I'd has a week in Thailand!


The retreat gave me the opportunity to focus on my own personal growth in a gorgeous location, learning new ways to cope with everyday pressures. It allowed me to gain perspective on managing negative influences in my life and how to create time, to grow and be vulnerable. I have met an amazing group of wonderful, inspiring and empowering women and feel fortunate that I have had this opportunity to share this retreat with them all.

Heart Wisdom Retreat 2017

Melissa I cannot thank you enough for your intuitive guidance, welcoming & understanding nature & ability to to reconect people with their own power in a non invasive manner but by way of self enquiry. You are an inspiration. With admiration & gratitude

I am a seasoned yoga practitioner who has been round the world yoga trail, meeting a myriad of yoga teachers. To her undeniable experience as a yoga teacher, Melissa brings sensitivity and individual attention to her yoga teaching. Highly recommend her classes to both the beginner and the experienced.

Thank you for the amazing hard work, time & effort you put into creating an amazing experience for us to discover a part of ourselves that was unknown or hidden. You created an environment for us to set & reach goals & learn something new about ourselves while embarking on a journey of self discovery, Thank you

Melissa Parker attended the 2019 VCE retreat run in September by Seymour College at Camp Jungai. She ran a mediation session for 40 students. It was designed to provide meditation practice and skills for the students leading up to their end of year exams. Melissa's approach catered for the different learning styles and dispositions of the students and was therefore accessible to all students. The session complemented the wellbeing focus of the retreat seamlessly. Melissa has an engaging, warm and calm approach underpinned by well researched philosophies and frameworks. It is my hope that she can work with the college again this year to further support our students in their studies and wellbeing.

Sharon Hill - VCE Co-ordinator