Divine Light Retreat 2023

This sold out retreat bought together an incredible group of women with a beautiful flow of energy. I was seeking a collective yoga practice that could connect our group through intention, movement & joy. So…


A guided awareness (yoga nidra) for gratitude

Enjoy this yoga nidra practice. A guided awareness practice to return you to your natural state of being. That is gratitude. Return home to the magic of being gratitude. From the cells of your body…

Embodied Retreat

Embodied Retreat June 2022

And we set off toward embodiment. No easy feat at all. A week to journey and call our spirits home. The energy felt supportive, testing, joyful, revealing, insightful, liberating and of course so much more.…


New Shoots of Awareness a Guided Awareness Practice for Spring

  You may or may not have heard of Yoga Nidra before. Perhaps you have seen Yoga Nidra recordings on the internet, at a yoga class or elsewhere. Yoga Nidra is not a practice as…


New retreats landing soon

Have a look at this gorgeous video collated from photos that capture some of the energies of past Becoming Yoga Retreats, some inspiration for you as I prepare to launch new retreats in 2020 Comment…


Renew You Retreat 2019

Renew, synonymous with a host of other words beginning with the letter R. Revitalisation Rejuvenation Reinvigoration Restoration Regeneration These descriptors all encapsulated the energy  matrix or markers for Becoming Yoga’s most recent transformative retreat. The…


What is your Why?

There are likely many times that you and I find ourselves asking why? Why am I doing this? How often though do we really stop to sit deeply into the question, full presence to the…


Elevation ’18 Yoga & Lifestyle Retreat

When planning Elevation ’18 I envisioned a trip that was a genuine spiritual pilgrimage, an opportunity to expand on who we are and why we are, soulful relaxed times interlaced with deep inner work and reflection. Times like these call to the inner mystic within us all, they are genuine adventures and whilst it may seem outwardly that we are arriving into a destination to relax,(which of course we do) an undercurrent that carries us deeper into our life experience is awaiting us all.


“When the pushing & pulling has stopped”

I am fascinated by the work of Vanda Scaravelli (born in 1908 and not introduced to yoga until her mid 40’s). Whilst she never wanted to develop a school of Scaravelli yoga and only worked with a handful of students her work endures today as Scaravelli inspired yoga. Really though, this post is not about the work of Vanda, (I hope to have more to say on this topic another time). This post is inspired from Vandas words quoted above, they had me nodding a very big yes in agreement.