Introducing my always evolving "soul sessions" a one on one soul coaching experience to uncover your most unique self.

Cultivating a thriving mind/body/spirit alliance is in your reach and your power and I love to help illuminate how you to can walk this path of pure life force awesome, health and happiness. I am a mentor for team you and will tailor eclectic alchemists super blends of love and goodness that can move you into a new or more streamlined take on life. My fave key ingredients to these super blends include meditation and mindfulness teachings, yoga, astrology, magic, whole foods, fitness and much more.

I will use a little bit of all the ingredients mentioned here, sometimes less of something, sometimes more.I work in the moment and with the flow and new possibilities are always emerging as we go. We are the truth keepers of our own life but sometimes having an empowerment agent onside holding the light whilst we adjust our eyes to our new vision can speed up the self development process. Essentially i’ll act as a sound board and intuitively interpret your souls calling and translate it back to you in an easy to read format. Some have called it magic, certainly I believe that to be true.

How it works?

We have an initial 2- 3 hour mentoring/coaching session (this can also be done via skype for those of you living long distance from me) During this two hours we will enjoy tea or a green smoothie and whole foods snack whilst we nut out a formulation for success, setting the compass so to speak. I use a variety of tools for this including soul mapping, my self designed tree of life exercise. I will also draw on information gleaned via your astrological chart (provided I have birth details in advance) The session includes a Reiki healing and oracle card reading. (The reiki healing can be done as an absent healing via skype).

A strict code of conduct operates between us. This means that everything you share with me stays with me and is witnessed only by us and the supportive services of the spiritual realm.

You come to me at my studio or I am available to come to you via request and depending on location.

I will follow this session up with a weekly email for the following three weeks you will know by then if you need to continue on with me as your ongoing soul coach and mentor or if you are ready to fly out on your own. If you need to come back sometime in the distant future that is fine too.

If you do decide to continue on with me I offer additional two hour sessions, but I must mention that I will not let you keep coming back on loop, not because I don’t care for you, quite the opposite because i care so much and you are here to ultimately take your vision for yourself and run free with it and this I know you can achieve.

2 hour coaching/mentoring session, with prepared astrological chart reading and Reiki healing.


Follow up two hour coaching session.


Of course you can always continue on with me at one of my meditation groups or circles, or delve into yoga with me. Follow this link for more information on these services.

"You are not accidental.

The world needs you.

Without you something will be missing in existence

And nobody can replace it"