10am-1pm $30

meditation cushions supplied or seating if preferred. farm garden lunch, herbal teas or fresh seasonal juice near close of circle.

An inclusive and evolving group environment awaits within this monthly circle. Guided meditations and journey work are offered alongside beautiful music and magic intention. We all embody an innate wisdom and by nurturing this we open to a greater freedom and ease in finding peace and equilibrium in our lives. We can also begin to reflect our inner vision back into the outer world, as though entering a hidden portal. Meditating within this group environment uplifts energy and offers a nurturing platform to delve into those golden aspects of ourselves as well as taking the emphasis from the "I" to the collective "WE". It offers a lovely dynamic as we delve into conversations, movement and laughter amongst a myriad of growth filled possibilities. Having worked with the art of the inner journey for some years years now it is my honour to facilitate this circle.

"Welcome to the sacred circle"

Weekly meditation with Melissa @ the Seymour & District Community House

Monday's 6.30-8.00pm cost:$10 paid weekly to the community house

  • Seymour and District Community House Inc
  • 47A Anglesey St Seymour, VIC, 3660
  • Contact Person: Rose O'Sullivan
    Address: PO Box 219, Seymour, 3661
    Phone Number: (03) 5792 3152 (BH) / (03) 5799 0381 (AH)