The ancient symbolism of Samhain or Beltane for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere is fast approaching. For many of us in the Southern Hemisphere our ancestory stretches across to the Northern lands and so the threads of truth held in either of these rituals can be relevant to us at this time. During Samhain the veils are said to be the thinnest between this physical world and the spiritual realms, a time to honour those passsed from this world. A potent brew of astrological energies amplifies this energy, revealing to us unique ways of anchoring new and lost energies home to this planet Earth.

Sunday 5th May

Warming fire, light eats & refreshements


Please bring along a photograph or item that connects you to someone who has passed from this world and who you wish to honour on this day. Also, consider something in your local environment that you enjoy and appreciate and bring along the positive thoughts or tangible item associated with that.

Opening Day Celebration & Tour, a day of community, meditation and insightful talks from friends of Trine Eclipse. We welcome you with open hearts. $25pp all inc.