Welcome to The Light House

Our online relief station for light seekers & keepers every where.

A place for us to reconnect to our own innate light and wisdom and a place to further develop and expand on that light wisdom so as to be a welcome refuge and beacon for those travelling in heavy seas under darkened light.

Many of the offerings here can be taken in your own time and at a pace that is perfect for you, they are ready and waiting for you. There are also offerings that offer live components where we can come together to practice and learn and discuss together online.

Welcome to the light house, humanity so needs your bright beacon right now, together we can illuminate so much

Current Courses


Inspired Presence

An invaluable month of practices to harness living your life with inspired presence.

*Daily thought seeds delivered to your inbox
*Weekly soul circle
*Twice weekly meditations
*Twice weekly movement practices.

Melissa is your ultimate voyager guide, so welcome aboard. You, your inner and outer worlds are waiting for this, to live, love & learn with inspired presence.


A collection of yoga & breath work classes

A collection of classes for you with something for all energy levels & time allowances.

15  30 and 60 minute practices  so there always a right time for your practice.

Yin, Vinyasa, mindful movement & meditation practices.

20 classes to choose from in this selection of offerings

Opens March 2024

The Third House

Astrology is the archetype for this wonderful exploration into your life through the looking glass lens of the 12 houses in astrology. Travel, house by house to delve into the symbolism, meaning and maps awaiting you within the wheel of life that is your astrology chart. This course begins in the 1st house and completes in the 12th house.

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