Intuitive & Aligned Retreat 2024



This retreat is a luxury seven night immersion, nourishing and moving the body and surrendering deeply  to spirit. A luxury retreat to heal and restore

29.08.24 – 05.09.24, Bali



Intuitive & Aligned Retreat is more than a yoga retreat. It is an 8 day transformative offering and experience for spirited women travellers. Immerse into your intuitive power alongside other kind, likeminded women. A journey dedicated to your intuition and alignment. Rest, nourish, cry, laugh, connect. Nurture you, as you move, breathe, dream and importantly, retreat from the frenetic pace that is everyday life.

It’s time to return to your natural state of being. To remember what it feels like to trust, live and make decisions from. a place of intuitive alignment.

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