75 minute soul session & 3 card tarot reading




Have you had a felt sense of walking into a room and having your “energy” uplifted or depleted? If yes, you are likely responding to and reading external energies, coupled with your own felt experience of the moment. Energy healing works from a similar frequency in this instance we are working with your own energy field as well as harmonising and supporting fields of energy that surround you.

The intention of the soul session is to enhance your own unique energetic blue print in a way that is harmonising for you. Essentially, energy is equilibrated to balance and harmonise. If you like technology you can think of the process as upgrading stored codes as a metaphor for the process also.

This 75 minute soul session begins with a 3 card tarot reading. These readings are not a look into your future tarot reading, they are designed to way show or offer a sign post of sorts for the energy healing or shifting that can take place. They should provide insight, clarity & offer directional support.

The energy healing takes place laying down and will likely feel very relaxing, you may even feel like you are asleep but sort of awake. This is a common descriptive. There will also be a guided awareness practice.

The 75 minute session is only $100 and I have online and in person gift vouchers if you want to gift something a little different and meaningful to a friend.

Contact Melissa for more details or simply book your session.

Gift for a friend with an online voucher sent directly to the recipient.


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