Divine Light Retreat 2023

This sold out retreat bought together an incredible group of women with a beautiful flow of energy. I was seeking a collective yoga practice that could connect our group through intention, movement & joy. So we collectively created this. The initial sequence featured an individual intention or affirmation that was shared energetically within the group.

The actual asana practice was very simple inner circle and outer circle prayer/call to life & these were connected with a moving rotation that connected with another woman to each side, Goddess pose;) Then, the movement built out as each woman had the opportunity to select a pose or energy to weave into the practice on each new day. For example, thoracic rotation, tree pose.  One of the most joyful sequences I have ever had the pleasure to help bring to life. This video is also hilarious, as a teacher or practiced yoga lover you may notice I repeatedly mis call a pose and muddle the sequence. Of course I did not press stop record and go again as perfection was not what was being sought, realness, authenticity & joy all the way. We continued this practice adding to it each day as an addition to our yoga and meditation program.

The light during our stay in Balian truly was beautiful. soulful and relaxed beach wanders and we all highly recommend Balian, although it is a long way to travel there. We spent time immersing in the art of the tarot everyday attuning ourselves to the symbols and insight that arrived from sharing our unique perspectives. It does not surprise me to find a group of women so adept at this, however I feel many were surprised to feel into and witness their own skills here. The retreat group also participated in an Ayurveda for gut health work shop by Nat. Daily yoga and meditations as well as opportunity for energetic healing and sacred touch adjustments in savasana (dependant on permission card placements).  A very relaxed retreat space by the sacred Balian River.


On the fourth day we headed to Taro the small village hidden into the forests about a half hour drive from Ubud. Our venue Nag Shampa Estate was simply divine. The elevated yoga shala had a pool that wrapped around the entire space just beneath it. I had organised for Tujung a local healer and mystic to visit our retreat group again for a private blessing and spiritual discussion and work shop centred around our group theme of Divine Light. We are incredibly blessed for this. As always each of the women had the opportunity for a private meeting with Tujung at her offices in Ubud. Always insightful.

A small group of women also departed early on one morning to hike Mt Batukaru. We continued to explore the symbolism of tarot, meditate and move and rest within the incredible jungle estate.

If you are interested to see more photos from this retreat you can visit the album here. 

In Divine Light


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