Renew You Retreat 2019

Renew, synonymous with a host of other words beginning with the letter R.






These descriptors all encapsulated the energy  matrix or markers for Becoming Yoga’s most recent transformative retreat. The women who participated in this retreat found renewal in and through their own unique expressions, a journey that was as much an individual experience as it was a collective one. In essence we created, visited & stayed in conducive environments for calling the spirit home.

The stunning preserved rainforests in the mountains of Bali, provided a perfect backdrop for us, a place of peace. Alassari Plantation our home for our first four nights offered us wonderful hospitality, stunning accommodations, meals and facilities to enjoy. Our yoga bale (and downstairs day spa) sat amidst the jungle with dappled light and green forever. A sacred space for our yoga practice, meditation & soul sessions. Experiences that one participant described as:

Beyond Words

We only had to decide which paths we might like to meander through on that day as the entire rainforest plantation was linked by paths and a suspension bridge tracing through the forest canopy and arriving intermittently to the individual and luxurious teak villas, yoga bale, pool area and restaurant or running streams below. The most pristine of water trailing straight from the mountain above.

We were blessed with such beautiful  locations and wonderful company, perfect for renewing our souls

One of the wonderful aspects of retreat life is sitting down to shared meals without any rush, just relaxed conversation and food that is both beautiful and healthy and we had an abundance of this on retreat. Juices and fruit platters prepared from fruits picked from the plantation or nearby and slow dinners poolside or at the restaurant with vegetables locally sourced.

We changed the atmosphere for our final 3 nights of retreat heading toward the coast and the vibrant eateries and shops near to Canggu. We visited a beach front yoga centre and launched ourselves into silk hammocks for an aerial yoga class, took a day drip to Ubud for a private sound healing session and enjoyed the space and tranquility of our private villa which was open, airy and spacious, set around a pool and entertaining area. it created a sophisticated yet relaxed environment.

Taking the time to retreat is an invaluable gift for yourself and I have discovered over time that the layers of retreat life are multifaceted and in essence we experience as many layers from the experience as we are prepared to uncover and surrender too. That is up to us as individuals. The rituals that we participated in are the metaphor but it is in our life and experiences beyond time spent on retreat that we can really embody the magic. When what we learn and uncover of ourselves weaves its way through and into the very fabric of our lives then we know that we have bought the magic home with us that we are living our dharma, speaking our truth and honouring the mystical even in the mundane of life.

Much gratitude to the gorgeous women in this photo above, looking into this photo brings an enormous smile to my face. All embracing this retreat experience with open hearts and a willingness to retreat from our own outer worlds to come together and journey to renew YOU and the essence of who we really are, where we can step up to be more authentic to ourselves, to question what our values are, and of course to have fun and celebrate ourselves in style. It is always an honour to lead soul seekers on this path and until next time, thank you.

You can view the full Renew You Retreat album here.

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