Embodied Retreat June 2022

And we set off toward embodiment. No easy feat at all. A week to journey and call our spirits home. The energy felt supportive, testing, joyful, revealing, insightful, liberating and of course so much more. Tucked away on the slopes of Mt Batukaru within an isolated paradise we set to work on ourselves. Crossing over to greater presence and spiritual awareness is a wake up call to the sometime slumbering parts of our self and a revelation of the over reaching entanglements of the mind. By moving, resting, learning, discussing and meditating we aligned and integrated our selves and our experiences of this retreat, it wasn’t ok to be sometimes present, the retreat was calling us to be more. To come home to presence. To cross a threshold of our consciousness.

Daily, the sky gifted us the value of contrast. Mornings of light and warmth giving way to afternoons or evenings of torrential rain. Someone from a further village noted that it would be raining like this in Australia next week and so it was. High up in the forest the elements communicated to us, the rain cleansing and clearing. Every step through the meandering mossy paths was a mindful one. Be mindful, be mindful, be mindful.

Thank you for the incredible women for showing up, attending classes and committing, even when it seemed hard. Meeting and embracing, being true, present and open to receiving the guidance of the retreat. Thank you all for being playful, fun, spontaneous, serious, enquiring, committed and engaged. Thank you for writing down your thoughts and for letting go where you needed to.

 Tunjung’s incredible spirit. Working with such alignment to my vision for this retreat and for your beautiful self and way of wisdom. Your workshop gave so much. Clarity, healing & insight and the pertinent reminder of the cost of living in conflict between intuition and ego. The letting go, the letting go, the letting go. Coming home.

How wonderful it was to see the beauty of all present so clear, replenished and visible following Tujung’s blessing ceremony. We could all but have to say “how beautiful you look” following each of our individual blessings. The beauty it is true lies within but the shadows encroaching diminish the light until the clearing is offered and accepted and then we shine again just as we are designed for.

Whilst we travelled less this year we were able to attend a beautiful aerial yoga class facilitated with such great spirit. We were divided into two groups and whilst each group swayed and flipped and swooned in their cocoons the other group sat poolside in the stunning surrounds later on coming together for a beautiful lunch for a special occasion. A beautiful day out.

There is so much more I would like to say but will leave with this for now. The wisdom gleaned and how grateful I am for each and every woman who in turn teaches me so much about myself. The conversations, laughter and tears. The dancing and after dark swims without any clothes on. The way in which we hold ourselves and in turn each other. The myriad of ways we trust and deepen and deliver on our commitment to self. Embody it all, this precious earthly life.

A retreat that travels beyond a holiday experience  If you to would like to cross a threshold and come with me on retreat please ensure you are subscribed to my mailing list or feel free to contact me directly to reserve your place on a future adventure or express your interest.

Have the courage to stay.


You can enjoy viewing the full retreat album here


  1. Linda O’Sullivan on 14 Jul 2022 at 6:25 am

    Hostesses, experiences, support accomodation,food ,yoga, spa treatments, company all absolutely first class. Thank you Melissa for being so wonderful at what you do. 110% effort and energy and thought going in to creating such a special time for us. Very grateful and appreciative to have shared this experience.

  2. Amanda Wellington on 14 Jul 2022 at 9:54 pm

    When I committed to this retreat I wasn’t sure what I would gain from it. Having experienced two of Melissa’s retreats in the past, both at a very tumultuous time in my life, they supported me, provided the clarity I needed and gave me the strength to make the decisions I needed to change the course of my life. This retreat was different! A slower pace, it was a space to breathe, laugh, cry, smile, hug, sit and talk, listen (to myself and others), be present but mostly to just be ! There was a lot of love and support that embraced us all … and Melissa was pivotal to all of this. Thoroughly enjoyed every moment xx

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