“When the pushing & pulling has stopped”


I am fascinated by the work of Vanda Scaravelli (born in 1908 and not introduced to yoga until her mid 40’s). Whilst she never wanted to develop a school of Scaravelli yoga and only worked with a handful of students her work endures today as Scaravelli inspired yoga. Really though, this post is not about the work of Vanda, (I hope to have more to say on this topic another time). This post is inspired from Vandas words quoted above, they had me nodding a very big yes in agreement.

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The final wrap


Stacks on stacks of gratitude for everyone who has supported Becoming Yoga in 2016. From Seymour to Strath Creek, Yea and beyond. you have all taught me so much more about who I am and how I can best teach and facilitate what I love so much.

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Identity, change & transformation

woman in warrorwith full sun.jpg

I have been guided to get back to writing, for some time now. So welcome to my return to the blog. Your expression is a reflection of your world and so I wrote here on this white board a lot about the farm and my world within it. The farm has gone now and my transition to a new world has passed. People ask me do you miss it? the answer is no. 

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Open hearted

green tree in your heart.png

Such a beautiful sentiment, this quote came to me in meditation last night, although it was a humming bird that came to me, hhmm…

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Welcome to Trine Eclipse, the website is in the midst of being streamlined, thanks for dropping by and check back over the coming weeks for a new look, some fresh photos and new blog content. 

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Matcha smoothie recipe


The health benefits of matcha are well accounted for and there is plenty of information on the internet, so if you are not yet familiar with matcha I recommend getting acquainted. Japanese monks were the…

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The art of retrospection is a wonderful thing. I have been absent from the blog for a while now, I tried to get back there on occasion but the words just weren’t there. As some…

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