Friends for the farm stay

We have a small enclosed paddock out the back of the farm stay and have been waiting for the ideal time to introduce some new animals. With a very basic star picket fence separating the farm stay yard with this paddock we were ready to add a gate and improve the fence, bringing another level of interaction from the environment to our guests.

Jono has a nice stockpile of recycled materials and we didn’t have to leave the farm to get the job done. Often with recycled materials it can result in the job taking a little longer as things need to be refitted or added but not in this case as the bolts in the posts were already fastened and the fence was able to go straight on, a nice time saver. The very crooked gate had to be sat on two old concrete troughs so that Jono could jump on it and we used some discarded chook wire at exactly the right size for the corner post, saving on tensioning the wires. Before to long we were ready to go. 

I headed out towards Shepparton over the weekend to pick up three pregnant Dorper Ewes, (chosen for being self shedding). The children came with me as Jono was working and we had a blast in the teaming rain and muddy yards as the very obliging farmer allowed us to choose our own amongst the massive flock. So here they are below, three soon to be….?


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  1. HeathatPoint on 2 Jun 2013 at 5:22 am

    Looks like the sheep in the
    Looks like the sheep in the front will be having a lamb very soon…..

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