Holy Hekate

The garlic begins to be pulled from the ground. A horticultural crop traced back thousands of years and long revered for its healing and protection properties. Tugging on the decaying stems so as to gently lift the bulbs from the ground I began to experience this pungent bulb as seeping slowly into my consciousness, rich offerings entwined with ancient symbolism. The occult properties of garlic for protection stretch way back in time, having been worn, hung and offered for thousands of years. I too hung a large bunch of the bulbs to dry at my front door in honour of all the myths and legends stretched across the many lands and seas. I knew they were whispering to me more and within the stillness and across the dark of night she came.


Hekate, translated as “from afar”. Goddess of the moon, earth and underworld.” In Greek mythology as Goddess of the three ways she was often depicted at cross roads able to see in all three directions, to the past the present and the future. She is one of the original triple Goddesses, revered for her foresight and said to be found dwelling at night.

Call on her wisdom to guide you when you reach that metaphorical fork in the road, Holy Hekate just as in ancient times I offer this garlic in honour of you.

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