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A friend of mine whose family lives an inspiring life of sustainability was planning on a short holiday and so I was happy to be entrusted to care for the animals whilst they were away. It is her beautiful goats that I was most looking forward to caring for and I am a big fan of the many uses for goats milk, my favourite being the tart yogurt, I adore it.  I took on the job of miking twice a day for a week which gave us up to two litres a day.

Cynth came along to give me a hand feeding the animals and help to make the visits so much more fun. We spent the drive in and out chatting about different things, such as pastuerising techniques and recipes for cheeses.

Caring for animals is rewarding in its own right and yes, I would love a couple of milking goats. I really find them to be a beautiful animal, such gentle souls, however they need to be milked twice a day and whilst it is a relatively quick process it is a full time commitment that means every time you think to take a night away you may have to reconsider. I am a little torn and need to carefully consider my want of having those beautiful animals to care for and enjoying the products of their milk and my “need” to just get away every now and then. Therefore I have decided not to actively look for any goats but rather to patiently allow for the possibility of two of these beautiful animals to come into our lives, perhaps it will be? As soon as I let go of pushing for a decision I felt immediate relief and of course if any goats appear on the radar you will be sure to know about it here.


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