A retreat (taking it from the ideas lounge to the transit lounge)

If my previous post (13 signs it is time to take a retreat) resonated and you are inspired by the idea of taking a retreat yet conflicted with the practicalities of it all, then this post is for you. 

Create an intention:

A clear response to that inner call that affirms you are ready to take steps to draw this vision from the dream time into real time. The important thing to remember with intentions is that plenty of people have them, good ones even but not everyone follows through so action is the next crucial step in the engagement process. Find ways to back your plan.                                             

Action it:

A favourite action of mine is a money tin. Check out the one below, you can see I have even gone to the lengths of welding it shut, its purpose is non negotiable. Regardless of if you have a particular bank account set up the money tin can be epic for aiding in manifesting your intention. Be clear every time you make a contribution, take a minute to visualise how you feel when you arrive at your goal, (hint hint; lots of  good vibrations). Throw a note in the tin with a quick “this is shaping up to be so rad.” I like to place my tin somewhere that is in view almost daily so I am encouraged to remain aligned to my intention and not risk having it back logged to the half forgotten dreams folder.


Timing can be everything:

Sometimes things may look a little different to what you pictured;) go with the flow and trust that you are being guided to an adventure that is a perfect fit for you, sometimes despite all the appropriate planning and attention to detail circumstances can arise that steer you in a new direction.


Keep checking in with yourself that you remain aligned with your intention. I like moving through the three tiered filter of my head, heart & gut. The first being excellent for breaking down the pros and cons and analysing the situation, the second being my commitment to seeing this through and the third being the the inner knowing and courage to see my vision through.


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