Earthy beetroot treats

I have been busy seeing out the year it seems quite often in the kitchen and I am certain not to be alone there, the season calls for it, actually my caterers kitchen calls for it too. With plenty of room for spontaneous dancing along the way the old lyrics “you will always find me in the kitchen at parties” certainly rings true here and I love a kitchen that was born to party as well as bringing party food to life. I will not post endless pictures of all the dishes prepared, however I could not resist this chocolate-beetroot besan cake made for summer solstice morning tea, I was looking for something earthy in keeping with our meditation and yet again I rushed to get it on to a rack to cool and split the cake in to miniature craters, oopps. The children saw this photo and asked me who took a bite out of one piece, which was quite hilarious as of course no one had. I told them that the cake had just sliced itself perfectly!

For those interested I adapted the recipe from here, upping the beetroot quantities by at least 200grams and forgoing the water as the local beets are just soo juicy here, I also cut back on the sugar to half a cup. I recommend eating this cake on the second day (if you can) as the flavour of the beets really sits in well by then, delish!! Berries from BTB.

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