Getting pickled

Sometimes things take a little longer than they probably should or could. The onions this year were a good example of this, settled in to seeding in the garden when they really should have been picked and when I finally did get around to pulling them from the garden beds I tossed them on the verandah before racing out the door to be somewhere else. They sat at the front door for a few days and if you wanted to come through the door you had to negotiate the onion stack. Jono queried me on whether we were keeping the vampires at bay and I thought about it and decided plausibly that there was no unwanted energies floating around whatsoever.

That weekend an old friend arrived and away the onions went, first my daughters were put to work on cutting the stems.


I had already made an excess of pickling vinegar when I pickled the cauliflower this year and so to make it easy I stuck with that recipe and just topped up the quantities. Soon all of the onions were cut and jarred and I barely lifted a finger and it didn’t stop there.


Being so organised we went on to make a lamb curry with our own paddock raised pasture fed organic lamb. I pulled out the last of the pumpkins in storage and was very happy to be adding the first tomatoes and zucchinis to the mix. It is always enlivening adding a fresh set of hands to the mix and having an opportunity to catch up with old friends.

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