Fields of Pumpkin

During my first foray into planting pumpkins I was considering which variety of seed I would like to use and there is a lot of choice when it comes to pumpkin varieties. Many people have an opinion on what has the best flavour, is most unusual or keeps the best, but I made a decision based on a name. Bohemian pumpkin. Who could pass up the opportunity to grow something Bohemian in their garden? Certainly not me. 

I have been keeping the seeds over the past couple of years and enjoy watching the Bohemians take over the world, (well the paddock, although Bohemians taking over the world does seem catchy in its own right).This years harvest of pumpkins had been pulled from the garden and left to sit for a few days whilst the skin toughens in preparation for what will be for some a long storage over winter.

These gems are packed full of beta and alpha carotene, potassium and vitamin A,C and E. Many farmers across the world will grow them as pig or animal feed rather than as a meal for the evening table, yet here in Australia the pumpkin is used widely in many food dishes. I always leave a few behind for the chooks to peck through and I am told it can be good for egg production over the cooler months?

As the sky began to grey and the rain finally began its descent I felt compelled to run out and take a photo of my pumpkins in waiting. The colours of the sky and skin of the pumpkins was captivating and I was in awe of how beautiful they looked as the rain drops came to rest on their toughened skins. I felt positively Bohemian.



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