Tree of Enchantment

Celtic Astrology was based on the trees held sacred to the Druids and is said to have originated some time around 10000BC. There are 13 signs mirroring the cycles of the moon and April 15 – May 12 is governed by the Willow tree, so we are within the season of the Willow.

I have always loved the willow tree and I remember as a very young girl family friends having a huge weeping willow that seemed to envelop the entire front yard. Living in Australia and by the Goulburn River means I have had to shake off some of the romanticism associated with this tree as they are now regarded as invasive weeds causing degredation to our River banks. It is because of this that we have had almost a kilometre of Willow trees removed from where the banks of the River meet our farm. These banks have been fenced off and replanted with native vegetation

There is a remaining willow on our farm and it lies by a natural lagoon that would have long ago followed the path of the Goulburn River. I have been drawn back to the beautiful Willow recently, sitting within  her peaceful grove and contemplating the contrast of the green leaves with the intermittent splashings of yellow. The growth in the green leaves appeared as though its weeping dance might go on forever, but the shades of yellow were beginning to tell another story. Soon her leaves would be gone, leaving only the pliable branches of which baskets, hedges and witches brooms were bound. Just as the moon which is heavily associated with the Willow waxes and wanes so to does the energy of this tree.


“Willow asks you to bend with her into the path of retrieval. Follow the labyrinth trail, connect with the power of wisdom and the rhythm of your soul, and return to your ordinary world strengthened.”

Faces of Woman Spirit Celtic Oracle.

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