Goji & lime bliss balls

1 cup Almond butter

1 cup Steel cut oats

1 cup Coconut

4 Dates

1/2 cup Goji berries

Juice of 2 limes

(makes 24 balls)

I like to make my own almond butter by throwing a couple of cups of almonds in the food processor and blending until smooth (alternatively it is easily avaialble to buy). I add all the ingredients minus the goji berries and process for a couple of minutes. Transfer to a bowl and add goji berries before rolling into balls and coating in cocounut.

The texture of steel cut oats is a combination of chewy and crunchy which is a nice combination, I also had good feedback from all the children on this one which is always a nice surprise. The best part of this recipe was being inspired by the limes which are gifted to class by one of our Seymour yogis from a prolific tree at home, so yay and thanks for the inspiration.

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