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I have been guided to get back to writing, for some time now. So welcome to my return to the blog. Your expression is a reflection of your world and so I wrote here on this white board a lot about the farm and my world within it. The farm has gone now and my transition to a new world has passed. People ask me do you miss it? the answer is no.

This week the farm flowed into my dream time. I was under the bridge of the freeway and many warm souls were making their way from the pass to meet me (always knew it was a portal point). I began to tell those gathered how to make their way to the river bank, I could see and feel the colour, texture and patterns of the land and the river beds and stones in such a magical way as the directions and words flowed, “here you will pass the tee pee” (It was such a sign post for visitors adventures from the farm stay). I paused mid dream aware that the tee pee was now gone, still the magic of the dream was not diminished, the rich imagery just flowed.

I feel effortless peace at how deeply I imbibed the energy of this beautiful land and how freakin ace it was to be caretaker of it for fourteen years. BUT, when you begin to hear the sound of another story unfolding you follow the call,(yes sometimes you cry and get mixed up with the signals) but you know that to not listen is a fate far freakier. It appears I was ready to practice yoga in a new way and now I feel ready to write about it, that transition time tho…. when you know you want and need to tell another story but you just can’t get it out or seem to find it yet:)

PS: I laid out the canvas of the tee pee today under the sun and beneath the old growth tree in our new back yard in town (the old growth tree was one of two requests to the universe when picking our new home). I have re waterproofed the canvas and the poles have been oiled and a new landing place soon. This tee pee appears also to have had a dream to hear the primordial sound of the ocean, welcome to the dream time…..

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