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I don’t own many shoes and the ones I have I wear them well.  The state of my work boots was becoming ridiculous but I loved them. When I worked it was like being in bare feet only with a solid sole and my toes protected from the elements.

I called in to my local rural supplies outlet to see what I could find and was surprised to learn that of the two brands of boots that are standard supply in rural areas only one was owned and made in Australia. I am pretty sure that means there must be a few Australian farmers out there wearing imported work boots and I hope there not the same farmers I see in the newspaper reminding people why they shouldn’t be buying cheap imported pears. Any way I digress because this yarn was supposed to be about something else.

As I left the shop with my new boots I gathered up the old and announced that I was taking them home to lay them to rest. The salesperson looked at me, she could have been wondering if she should take me seriously or not, which is fair enough as I was doing the same thing with myself.

The state of my shoes had me thinking of the symbolism behind it and so I did a bit of searching on the humble shoe and found this

“Worn at tip of toe, wearer sees woe, Worn out at the side, wearer meets his bride, Worn on the ball, best not to buy at all, Worn at the heal, wearer makes a wise deal.”

 My boots were definitely worn at the side, actually there was no longer a side, but I have already been a bride and this diddy was probably sung when women weren’t enlightened enough to wear shoes.

So hear is to my new shoes, you feel a little uncomfortable and I am not quite sure how we fit together and I will definitely need new and different socks to accommodate you, but, a part of me can’t believe I waited so long to find you.


Disclaimer: My other “good” boots are made in Spain, not in Australia & creative license means the author can translate any meaning how she sees fit, therefore “boots worn at the side” symbolize the meeting with autonomous sovereign wisdom.


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