The art of retrospection is a wonderful thing. I have been absent from the blog for a while now, I tried to get back there on occasion but the words just weren’t there. As some of you will know I follow the events in the astrological sky as closely as I follow the weather patterns and as Mars went retrograde it seems so did I, bless! Anyway I am back in a way that feels even better than before, so thank you Mars, planet of action, determination and passion. As you traversed metaphorically backward in the sky you revealed your teachings wisely, direct again there is new work to be done but for now this farm stay write up is for you. 

I am happy to say the futon day bed is finished and the aged timber I spoke about here has come together beautifully, it was fun to complete and I am just about ready for my next project.

The farm stay garden continues its growth, guided lovingly by the cycles of the moon. 

More of the moon and the sun. Coming together in unique vibration for this partial solar eclipse. All is mesmerized by the surreal light and blessings cast. 

The fire has been rarely needed with the mild autumn weather, just a single log for comfort and anyway it seems everyone is outside…

Perhaps feeding the chooks along with our new rooster who is yet to be named.

Lavilla and Impulsive watch inquisitively. Mature ladies who were no longer required for breeding and have come to live out their final years with us at the farm stay and also to assist us with the dorper sheep.

There is a new little lamb for the children to bottle feed, I had kept him in the cattle yards with its mother for the first couple of days exhausting any opportunities for his mother to be able to feed him. I found him on his second day of life up here, what a sight.

Adding the gate by the chook shed in the back yard has certainly been a blessing and there is more to come to improving the farm stay “family paddock.”  Jessie now 8 months and our newly adopted (and also bottle fed) orphaned calf Caramel who has come to us from another farm will often be found at the gate as Caramel anticipates his next feed.

Back inside with warmth and welcome sun filtering through. I thought we could go back further than this…

This is a retrospective afterall so I had better take us back to where it began, fairly simply as a place to call home. When I look at this photo and think of those reclaimed stairs (now gone) I cannot believe despite how steep and with four babies no one ever fell down, (though no concrete floor back then). Just chipping away bit by bit, piece by piece into something more.


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