Yabbie season

Many years ago when we first moved out to the farm Jono threw some yabbie nets into the dam and with the nice haul cooked up a yabbie fried rice. It was a modest haul and we certainly didn’t think we had over fished our supply and yet every time there has been a net thrown in since it has come up empty.

Being holiday time it is always a good time to throw a net in the lagoon and one of our daughters suggested that the yabbies were to be found in the lagoon so that is where the nets went in. When the lagoon fills to capacity the water runs through the pipe into the dam and so there is a period of time that allows for easy migration, maybe that is where they had been hiding? Within 24 hours and using two yabbie nets this is what the family bought to the surface, over a kilo of beautiful yet so very vicious to each other yabbies! We will be enjoying these beauties this evening and keepinmg the rest to fight amongst themselves in the murky depths of the lagoon.






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