All new out there

A new moon, a new year and new energies on the rise. The intense colour perfectly apt for the celestial energies in the sky right now, it’s heating up out there so let’s channel that red hot energy wisely.

To transmute, transpose and transpire energy, three key words and themes I have been working with at this opening gate to the new year and the new horizons beckoning us. I have wrapped up some of my thoughts on this trinity of themes below.

When we actively seek to transmute skyward energy into something that is tangible and real in our daily lives the separation further dissolves. “As I look skyward and see the brilliant colour in the sky I know I can call that energy to myself, my loved ones and my life now. This is an energy that I can convert into something tangible, right here, right now.”

As that energy will have transposed itself during this process “I can acknowledge that shift and know that the drum is beating at exactly the right frequency for my energy field. I see the freedom of choice in my life and it’s direction and I recognize and respect the karmic laws of release and exchange.”

Arriving to a transpired energy and having bought new light and new directions to fruition, take the time to celebrate a shift in life, perspective and the world around. “As we tease that knowledge base out into the world so that it may be known and seen as well as allowing others to do the same we continue on a collective path of growth, exchange and development.”



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