13 Signs it may be time to take a retreat

Ok I am not so sure about the image choice for this blog. Yes you will find yourself accessing that inner quiet within. However………and it is a fairly big however. Be prepared to laugh yourself into a feeling of euphoria and that isn’t always a quiet sound;)


You can feel that call. A yearning or intuitive spark to take yourself on an adventure and are open to exploring new paths and possibilities.


You are open to moving out of any comfort zones in your life. (This can also translate to being afraid of moving out of your comfort zones).


You are a primary carer for someone else or have a job that involves the care taking of others (or environments) on a daily basis. You tend to spend the vast majority of your life hours placing others wellbeing ahead of your own.


You have periods of feeling stressed out, unsure about your direction in life or just the general feeling of needing a reset.


You have an interest in linking up with other like minded individuals who also want to further develop their capacity to love, grow and inspire themselves and others to be the best versions of themselves. You would like to do this in a supportive and nurturing environment where you can freely express yourself.


You would like to be able to be more present in your life and further develop a mindful awareness of how you act and respond to external and internal stimuli.


You are open to exploring new pathways of inspiration, creative pursuits, passions and purpose. You feel their you may have skills inherent within you that you are yet to explore and develop. “Discovering the undiscovered.”


You crave good times, laughter and freedom of expression.


You enjoy travelling to beautiful landscapes and being pampered and accommodated in divine settings.


You are open to taking yourself out of the thinking mind and into the vast open space and unlimited potential of space and consciousness. 


You think there may just be something more to life than you are currently experiencing.


You are interested in exploring the mind body connection and bringing this into more harmony and balance.


Your intuition (that quiet. soft often hidden voice) is saying YES take this trip. 


(In my next blog we will talk about the mind blocks that can occur when your intuition says yes and your mind says no.I will also include practical tips for getting you on that retreat in faster time.



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