Jono has for a long time wanted to set up an aquaponics system and now this project has come to fruition the whole family is really excited. There isn’t much that I can add on the make up of the system as I had nothing to do with bringing it to life, I am just excited that within 6 months we will be able to feast on plate sized trout and I cannot wait to see how the vegetables thrive with all the water, nutrients and sunlight. This may even provide the means to beat the bugs when it comes to growing strawberries at our place.

There is a multitude of ways to go about a project like this and Jono has stayed with the ethos of keeping it small and simple whilst starting up so that he is able to see how it all runs first and I think that is sound advice. However, he is already talking about the possibilities to come… the meantime its time to add the seedlings I have been nurturing.

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