Cow poo & Consciousness

Some of our winters harvest snapped on its way to a local food swap recently. Grown in connection with other realms for added soul value and life force, that may or may not be measured or visible on this earthly plane, I just intuitively “know” how meditation, the healing arts and a belief in all things being connected aids in all manner of growth and healing. However, help is needed in keeping everything grounded and I confess to the use of additives and enhancers, such as the ones pictured below and spoken of here.

This manure was recently taken from one of our paddocks that had no animals grazing on it for nearly three years (another story to come) and it is nothing short of being super poo and I wanted to honour it in this blog as well as share its origins with you. Below is the sun and rain infused pasture shortly before bringing the cattle in to graze last summer.



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