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Spring is almost upon us and I have been mulching the fruit trees and veggie patches using the many newspapers I have been collecting over the months. I suppose I must have read them all at some stage and yet I am amazed at just how often I end up on my knees on the damp ground reading something of interest that I somehow missed at the time.

I do often use other papers, notes or documents as mulch, which had got me thinking about a significant archeological find that I had been told about, uncovered by a back hoe in Ireland, 

“The Faddan More Psalter (also Irish Bog Psalter or “Faddan Mor Psalter”) is an early medieval Christian psalter or text of the book of Psalms, discovered in a peat bog in July 2006, in the townland of Faddan More in north County Tipperary,Ireland.[1] The manuscript was probably written in about 800 in one of a number of monasteries in the area. A unique feature is that the inside of the leather cover is lined with papyrus, probably as a stiffening, an indication of the links between the Irish and Coptic churches at the time. After several years of conservation work, the psalter went on display at the National Museum of Ireland in Kildare St, Dublin in June 2011.[2][3]” (from Wiki)

Uncovering stuff is very cool, during our demolition of the old house we uncovered newspapers that had been laid underneath the floor for many years, in great condition and giving us an insight as to what was been reported at the time, safely put away for now.

Art of preservation for sure. Perhaps I will pen a manuscript and offer it to the earth and if it disappears into the mulch of time as it surely will, I will still know that mother earth was witness to the words.

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