Letting go into Winter

The chill of a winters day is effortlessly abated within the healing field of the teepee. Hushed conversations and soaring sound scapes have been returning themes and I have enjoyed observing the patterns of life before me and those who have come to share this lively space of shared wisdom. There has been small fires and roaring fires of three to usher in the energy of the grand water trine playing out in the astrological sky. Whatever the mood of the day and the energy swelling out from it, here is a place to tap in to the winters scry.


When solutions to the undercurrents of daily life have been challenging to grasp I am reminded again of the persuasion in natures flow, the beauty of her story and the art of letting go. 


For winter invites us to safely traverse the under world where hidden tunnels and landscapes await us and from here the view is altogether different and amazing.




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