As farmers will say, “you’ve got livestock, you’ve got deadstock!” and this year we have had a few losses, three of our six lambs didn’t make it. One I managed to find almost lifeless bringing it home to warm and feed but it wasn’t going to return to the land of the living. The children watch on, all the time excited at the prospect of a new animal to care for but growing up on a farm has taught them that not everything is forever and this lesson has included the loss of three very loved family dogs in their own short lives.

It is calving season and keeping an eye on things we had observed a calf trying valiantly to feed off one of the many heifers, resulting in it taking a few swift kicks to “go away,” it took another 24 hours to find the dead mother and succesfully catch the small calf, accomplished in style by my nearly 12 year old son. The first night she seemed to do well and woke to be feeding well and yet by lunch time she was almost lifeless and unable to stand, as night fell and I had to leave her I reminded the children that she may not be with us in the morning as over 6 hours had passed and she was not looking to good.

The only thing I knew to do was to use Reiki on her and throughout the afternoon and absently in the night that is what I did. I also pulled out the small supply of organic extras in the cupboard. My daughter drenched her in organic apple cider vinegar as I rubbed it into her skin in the warmth of the sun. We added an organic kelp supplement and cod liver oil to her bottle and tried to get her to feed, nothing would be to much. The children kept a steady eye on her and almost held their breath.

During the night the weather turned mad with howling winds and sleeting rain.I went over at day break, without the bottle and the children and very much prepared for that familiar touch to an animal now gone. But no, there she was having found the most sheltered spot possible in the cattle yards and sitting up very much awake and ready for another day. Running back to the house to make a bottle the children warily waited and seeing the surprise on their faces as I told them to get the bottle ready was priceless. Welcome Jessie, you have many hands and faces ready to take care of you.

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